USA jun 2005
         Am I colourblind?
This is orange and not yellow
Are these really trafficsigns?
Buffalos in Custers state park
   Bear country USA    
Orange City
Holland Plaza but with....Taco Bell and Pizza Hut
I was wondering what the "sen cof" on the receipt was. Was that the coffee, only for 35c. ? That is cheap.
Untill I saw this sign on the window. Reason to be depressed for the rest of the day !!
"Modern"gas station in North Dakota
Jackie, from Texas, now in Detroit
The only sign, that I saw that had miles and kilometers
Teepee monument in South Dakota
and another sign. You see signs everywhere, to warn you
The famous red barn
inside the surgeons quarters. The operating table
Sioux Falls. the city is built around the waterfalls
Who hangs something on the sprinkler???
I hope this is not my suitcase
In June 2005 I travelled 2 weeks through the States. Port of entry was Detroit. and than Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois,Indiana and back to Detroit.
Here are only a few of the pictures that I took.